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All packages are payable in advance by debit order. Installation charge is due upon completion of installation.  Please note that file sharing; certain peer-to-peer packages are blocked for network security reasons.


NWET Products & Packages

We deal only with selected ICASA approved equipment for your health & safety. The hardware will be installed by trained individuals that have the necessary skills for quick sufficient installation.

These Internet surfer plans listed on the right have been described in detail, not confusing the client about the services been offered to him/her. There are other business packages available on request, and each environment/project will be planned and handled efficiently in order to maintain a high degree of service. Less off-time is of utmost importance to us and for that reason will our passion become your ultimate solution.

Additional services will soon follow the data solutions, the infrastructure have been build to support additional future services.

BUSINESS PACKAGES are optimized for business hours use, Monday to Friday 07:00 to 18:00, and home packages are optimized for after hours use. If you are running a business from home you should consider getting a business package because the contention ratio is lower and we prioritize support for businesses.

a Public IP address will be supplied for an additional R 79 per month for Internet routable traffic to pass directly to your office. For more addresses, please contact us via email.

PLEASE NOTE: Unused CAP data does not carry over to the next month and will be reset every end calendar month. OverCAP usage will be charged at once limit have been reached.

INSTALLATION CHARGES: Please contact us for a quote in your area. 


ADDITIONAL UNITS: If more than one computer will be connected to the CPE unit, an indoor switch or AP/Router is required and must be purchased.

TELEPHONE VOIP UNITS: We deal only in quality assured products that have been tested in our workshop to ensure best support and ease of use for our customers. Our network have been configured for Quality of Service protocol to maintain the pure voice quality on our backhauling equipment. There are Desktop and a Cordless models available.


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Wireless Capped Packages

Best Effort from CPE - Max DL 10Mbps  / UL 1Mbps

NWET-Basic Surfer 3 GB Best Effort from CPE  99
NWET-Medium Surfer 5 GB Best Effort from CPE  199
NWET-Advance Surfer 10 GB     Best Effort from CPE  249
NWET-Pro Surfer 20 GB Best Effort from CPE  399
NWET-Ultimo Surfer  50 GB Best Effort from CPE  599
NWET-Max Surfer 100 GB Best Effort from CPE  799

Wireless Uncapped Packages

(SHAPED/Best Effort/FUP) & (Usage limit: 40GB/week - 160GB/Month)

NWET-Wireless DUO  Shaped/FUP/BE 2/1 Mbps  199
NWET-Wireless TRIO  Shaped/FUP/BE 3/1 Mbps  399
NWET-Wireless QUADRO  Shaped/FUP/BE 4/2 Mbps   599
NWET-Wireless HEXA  Shaped/FUP/BE 6/3 Mbps  799
NWET-Wireless OCTA  Shaped/FUP/BE 8/4 Mbps  999
NWET-Wireless DECA  Shaped/FUP/BE 10/4 Mbps  1499

Wireless Business Uncapped Packages

NWET-Wireless SoHo NO Shaping 1 Mbps + IP   1:1 
NWET-Wireless Starter NO Shaping 2 Mbps + IP   1:1
NWET-Wireless SMB NO Shaping 4 Mbps + IP   1:1
NWET-Wireless PRO NO Shaping 6 Mbps + IP   1:1
NWET-Wireless CORP  NO Shaping 8 Mbps + IP   1:1
NWET-Wireless MAX NO Shaping 10 Mbps + IP    1:1

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